1080p Security Cameras Demo from LA security cameras!

1080p security cameras:
 You can view the distance & quality of the image!1 front 70 feet

1080p security cameras: 
Colors are bright and the pool water is clear even when the sunlight is hitting the camera directly.
1 pool sample

1080p Night Vision security cameras: The technical SPECS will show a longer distance however, we are conservative when we discuss night vision distances. if your own eyes can see approximately 15 feet in the pitch dark, we will say the same thing about the security cameras. Night vision now days has improved dramatically and it records in black and white.

If you look at the tree in the middle of the page, the power of infra red light is glaring on that tree.Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 8.54.01 PM

#4. Dome Security Camera:
Security Cameras 1080p Security Cameras:
One of our many security cameras but most popular!
Please click on the link above for the technical SPECS.
Full High Definition 1080P, 3.6 mm, 24 IR Night Vision!
IP66 Platinum!

#5. Laptop Viewing:
* View Live
* Search by Date,Time & Specific Camera.
* Backup a specific time on video & download it!
* Different Viewing Methods,1 Image,4 images, etc etc.
( Black square represents- camera not installed)

#6. Laptop Viewing with 4 images.

#7.Laptop Single Viewing
#8. Iphone & Android! Smart Phone Viewing


#9.  One Year Guarantee Parts & Labor:
We use quality products complimented by Quality workmanship!

This sums it up in a NUTSHELL!

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